Time to get humanity on track after 5,000 years of utterly ridiculous fairy tales. Teach and promote atheism in schools so our children can make an informed choice about all paths open to them within the realm of theology. It is abhorrent to me that instead of basing our syllabus on rational scientific empirical knowledge, we infect our children with lies and profane inaccuracies. Stop polluting young minds and help begin pointing humanity down the road of reason over that of highly contentious and  socially divisive theology.

Why is this idea important?

This idea’s important because humanity has been stuck in the rut of religion for too long. We have suffered immeasurably as a species at the hands of a control mechanism entitled theology. While the few have held sway over the masses by means of such invasive and arbitrary indoctrination they have never, not once, shown that they are capable of using such power wisely and in the interests of humanity. Enough is enough. Stop state sponsorship of all theological institutions and direct it instead to teaching our children (the future of our race) to act according to contemporary values and think in terms of scientific reality and knowledge.

One Reply to “Teach Atheism in Schools.”

  1. you cant really teach atheism, its not an ism its a rejection of claims.

    we should teach religion to provide tolerance but we should equally provide alternatives and secular teachings as well as equal criticism of religion.

    we would have to remove christian teachers, i wouldnt trust them to teach the criticisms properly.

    it is important we teach kids to think for themselves and make them realise they dont have to believe in religion. that is the most important thing.

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