Firstly, I'd like to apolgoise to Moderator_MOJ for posting this again, I accidently posted it in the wrong section earlier, and also apolgiising to anyone whoose already seen this, however I decided to repost It because I feel it needs attention.


Again, I'm sure some of you may already know I'm mearly a school student.

I believe teachers at schools should actively be reveiwed by either outsiders or member of School leadership team. There are many teachers that can make learning difficult.

I'm not asking for "cool" teachers, I'm asking for overstrict or antisocial teachers to be abolished. I personally have a teacher that doesn't understand how to man a class, thats fair enough in most situations. But in a double lesson (2 hours), which I should add are important, no work is ever got done.

I cannot stress enough that it is NOT soly our fault, sure, maybe we contribute, but a teacher should know how to deal with disrubtions, however the teacher in question makes it worse.


I peronsally discussed this with a woman at our school who ensured us she'd look out for what is best for us, I told her how it wasn't just his fault but how I felt he was encouraging it/unable to control it. Subsequently she rounded around 15 of us up in a small room and shouted at 15 students and took the word of one teacher known for these issues throughout all of his classes claiming it had nothing to do with him.

Obviously, her shouting had no effect and angered us more and now it's worse than ever.

Why is this idea important?

Kids aren't always the bad guys, and teachers aren't always the good guys. This should be recognised by counsils and government.


Check out my profile if you want to see other things I think should be implimented into schools.

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