There is no excuse for teen being pregnant in this day and age . In my area of the uk girls get pregnant so they can get a flat and beniefits etc . The governmant could stop the rise in the birth rate by simply saying , in 9 months time there will be no help for single teens who have a baby after this time. It then becomes there responsability and the parents to make sure there child knows about contraception . If you think towards the future this would take thousands of feckless people and future generations off beneifits , Giving them a large dose of " Empowering there own lives ! ". In Jersey ( part of the uk ) this system works , as" you play you pay not us! ". I would suggest the cost of free contraception and the morning after pill at chemists would not only save us all millions of pounds in the long run , but make the uk more of a family nation with family values . There are a some young men who have not one , but several children to different girls in a town near me. This is totaly irresponsible  and there should be some legislation to stop these men on beniefits doing this and just walking away from there responsabilities , and leaving the tax payer ( you & i ) to pick up the bill for the next 18 years !

Why is this idea important?

This idea should save the country millions or billions of pounds in the long term . Plus it would give thousands of kids a real childhood with a future when they grow up . It would go some way to the never ending cycle we are on at the moment !

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