As part of Teenagers Against Discrimination, i feel it only right to point a few obvious breaches of civil liberties towards Teenagers that is often overlooked.


Firstly, the infamous debate over the Mosquito Alarms. For anyone under a certain age to be submitted to an annoying, high pitch sound is a removal of our civil liberties, and it has also been argued (quite rightly in my opinion) that is even a breach of our human rights – why shouldnt we be able to walk down a public street hastle free? who decided that i or any other teenager was a potential criminal that deserved physical punishment?


The second point i would like to raise is the police power of stop and search. it is without doubt this power is used reguarly on teenagers ; as it is presumed we will be carrying a weapon or drugs. once again, this is a breach of our civil liberties – why should the police have the right to stop us and search us purely based on the opinion they have made by looking at us. what is that old phrase, can't judge a book by it's cover?

I know it can be argued that if you have nothing to hide, you shuldnt object to being searched… but think about it! we are on about the police stopping you wherever they like and asking you to empty your pockets. it is highly degrading and embarassing. at the very least, every passe rby during this immeadiately presumes you are a criminal. the next time they see you… what will they think? what will they remember? that's right – that you're the person that the police like to stop.

Why is this idea important?

Whichever laws enforce the use of Mosquitos and the police right to stop and search people i believe should be removed as they are blatant violation of Civil Liberties.

If they are left in place it only allows society to discriminate against the young people of today whilst at the same time depriving Teenagers the cahnce to defend themselves. More has to be done to make Teenagers feel an equal part of Society (which they should be, as they are tomorrows workers and leaders), and also to make Teenagers feel they have a voice in Politics and Local Affairs so they can raise not only their greviances, but also their ideas and suggestions for a better society.

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