When British people go abroad on holiday or business they have to take with them health care cover just in case they become ill whilst in another country.


I would like to see that everyone entering this country where on holiday, for business or visiting relatives must have health insurance cover. 


On arrival at Customs and Immigration anyone arriving without such cover should have to pay a deposit of £1000 which is then transferred to a swipe card which must be produced when attending a doctor, dentist or clinic in this country for the amount of their treatment or care.  After treatment, etc the amount spent should be deducted from the card.


On exiting this country any refund of the balance can be paid back to the visitor, relative or business person. 

Why is this idea important?

 This country's health service has been abused for far too long by overseas people not entitled to our free health service.


We as British people have to pay for any health care when we are abroad so why can't people coming in to this country pay whilst here?

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