Changes are needed to protect good landlords against rogue tenants or high risk tenants

Why is this idea important?

The biggest agents and landlords face with providing references is that understandably a reference has to be honest and factual.

If a Tenant is not adhering to their Tenancy Agreement, Do you give a true account of the Tenants conduct to relieve yourself open to be stuck with them and facing higher costs to get your property and costs back OR do you give a false account of the Tenants to be rid of them and move on.

Whilst I hope the former choice is adhered to I dont think this is always the case as most letting and referencing agencies only check with the current landlord, current employer/accountant and do credit checks.

I think a good solution would be to check with all previous landlords over a 5 year period or introduce a Tenant Passport which consists of a 5 year history of residential checks, emploment checks, credit history and for overseas visitors who have been here less than 5 years a comprehensive right to rent background check and mandatory requirement for a guarantor who is a UK resident meeting normal guarantor requirements and checkable background.

Thats my thought on this matter.

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