Stop competitive tendering as the new industry in local authorities . It has created hundreds of job opportunities for public servants to try to prevent the growth and development of local voluntary sector organisations, that are usually run by local people to meet local needs. Tendering is not cheap it can take hundreds of hours of time and can be very helpful in preventing organisations from getting on and helping people. 

I am the manager of a locally based voluntary organisation and after a 9 month competitive tendering process have been given the news that the tender is" discontinued" and a new process will start soon! Please let us get on with our work and stop making work  and costs for us and the tax payer. 

Lets find out if competitive tendering costs as much money as the contract to be awarded? Our tender was for £240,000 to provide a service for a whole county, I have a feeling the full cost of the people involved in the process at the local authority was greater.

Why is this idea important?

A return to a simple local system , and we did have one, could save money and the need for all those new jobs in the local authority. We say we are buy one get 2 free in our area. The cost we can provide 1 voluntary sector community based worker job for is about a third cheaper than the local authority and thats not counting the future pension rights.

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