Test for the Elderly

The law should be amended to make it mandatory for a person, over the age of say 70, to be checked at the local test centre to ensure that they are still competent to be in charge of a motor vehicle.

The law as it now stands only requires that the driver completes a form attesting that he is in good health and capable to be in charge of a motor vehicle.

My father has only been forced to surrender his license after being hospitalised; age 90.

I took up this matter with the DVLA in Swansea on 2 occassion. The first they said that they would investigate but only sent him another form to complete and return.

The second time I advised that if he harmed hinmself of another member of the public, I would take this to the press.

Result – he was informed to attend a medical examination, at a choosing of the DVLA. He then surrender his license.

For those readers who may complain about hardship for the cost of the test at regular intervals, his insurance each year was over 700 pounds and that for a smallest Ford Fiesta.



Why does this idea matter?

Reduction in the number of accidents on our road system

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