It is obvious, as has been seen by the survey conducted by The British Lung Foundation via Mumsnet (86% in favour),  that the only way to stop people smoking in cars when kids (under 18 years old) are present, is to forbid smoking in cars altogether. It really is very important, just like the ban on the use of mobiles when driving and the ban on eating while driving is important. But more so, because not only do drivers have to take their hands of the steering wheel when they are smoking, and have to peer through smoke filled windscreens (Courtesy of BRAKE, who said so), they also have to deal with unruly kids and teenagers. But most of all, of course, THESE PEOPLE ARE KILLING THEIR OWN KIDS! There is no such thing as safe exposure to second hand tobacco smoke.  But this also applies to any person in a car, whether that person is a kid or not.

Why is this idea important?

It is alright banning smoking in 'enclosed public places', but the definition of 'enclosed public places' is too narrow. Anywhere where the public might possibly go is, by definition, a public place, if that place is in a public place. Cars are on the roads and the roads are public places.  The roads may not be 'enclosed', but the cars are. In any case, the roads ARE enclosed. They are enclosed by the atmosphere. No one should be allowed to smoke in the atmosphere since 'there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke'.

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