This is an archaic bye-law that gives power to the relevent councils to suspend a taxi driver for 28 days if seen, and photographed on a bus lane, or a double yellow line,we have the relevent officers to fine us, they are called parking wardens, but the council deem fit to suspend us if we are seen by them.if seen again on a rolling 6mth period then you have to go to the licencing sub-committee and are suspended for a further (90) days thus destroying a working mans right to work and his livlihood. He will be on the dole, and his business when he does come back in tatters.

This is a 153 yr old law that has no place in a modern, progressive society.

Why is this idea important?

To keep the right to work of a taxi driver who is just trying to earn a living,in the area I work Tendring, (Clacton on Sea) there are 172 taxis plying for hire, and we have 39 workable rank spaces, the other 8 spaces we do not count they have never really been used, the council have no idea or great judgement on our trade. while we know that it is wrong to park on double yellow lines we are just lineing up waiting to get on the rank, we are in the worst recession since post war times taxis are just not moving, we have appealed to the magistrates court, (up-held), then to the crown court (up-held with £1,800 costs) a high court judicial review is a bridge to far, especially at a cost of around £20,000.This idea is important to us as we do not want to go on the dole it does no one any good, the hardship could end in marriage break-ups no business to come back to there must be a better way, in facr there is, let the traffic wardens do there job we will pay the fines, but to be suspended is for such a violation is just unreasonable, and totally disproportionate to the actual parking infringement.

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