Scrap this law. It encourages companies to make costly recourse to the law courts rather than negotiate with their workforces, and therefore attacks workplace democracy, an ideal I'm sure the coalition believes in. It also means union ballots under the sort of restrictive conditions that, were they applied to local and national general elections, would render every single election invalid. 

Why is this idea important?

As the coalition believes in freedom and democracy I'm sure it agrees that this should also apply in the workplace, and that democratically elected union representatives have a right to effectively represent their members.

Also, workplace exploitation, long hours, low pay and job insecurity are rife at the moment, partly as a result of a recession caused by the very rich. These poor working conditions have a damaging effect on families and communities, and certainly deny people the sort of quality of life that might enable them to contribute more fully to community life (the Big Society, if you like). Trade unions are frequently the only institutions capable of defending people treated badly at work – government doesn't seem to care much, certainly – so they need to be set free to perform this service.

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