Only allow the benefits system in UK to be available to British and only after they have worked and/or proven their disability of not being able to work. The benefit system is not there for the non-taxpayer and should not be abused. Restructure/regulate the benefits system as currently it provides a means for people to live off it and never really seek work – which is not what it is there for. This is costing the taxpayer alot of money.

Why is this idea important?

The benefit system is being abused. Too many people are living of the state and not seeking work. Recently, an influx of foreigners have pushed the benefits system to the brink. Someone who has never paid taxes should not be allowed to seek benefits from the government. A non-british should also not be allowed to seek benefits from the British goverment for which they do not have a right to do so – this should also include EU citizens as they will come here to use the system as a potential means of earnings without working. The system is flawed with loop holes and needs to be regulated.

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