We are a country with a proud record of protecting foreign nationals, however instead of thanking us some of them participate in public acts of exhorting fellow immigants to kill our people and government. The fact that they use the Human Rights Act to stop them being deported is a disgrace to the rest of the country and the other immigants who have accepted our hospitality. If I, as an individual gave shelter to someone and they then advocated my death I certainly wouldn't continue to give that person my protection.

We as a nation should ignore the part of the act that stops us from deporting these people, ok it will cause a fuss but if an offender is put on a plane and deported then its done and would act as a deterrent to anyone who comes here, lives off us. We are in secret "rendering" people for/to USA so why don't we do it to protect our own nation by getting rid of these offensive people

Why is this idea important?

The Human Rights Act, in most peoples perception, is being widely abused by certain people who we have allowed into our country, this must be stopped! No ifs or buts, if someone comes to our country and commits crimes, in some cases horrendous crimes, then they should without any doubt be deported,after they have served the sentence they have been given. I read an article about a man who came here, committed a horrible rape deliberately so he chould be imprisoned here, what does this say about our prisons and laws that a person would come here and do this?

I feel ashamed that the people who have been elected to protect us have allowed this abuse of the Act to continue. They should act now in amending the Act to have more "common sense".

I feel helpless and frustrated because I cannot personally do something to rid our country of the shackles put on us by ths Act.

Its important that our government address this with some urgency.

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