To improve the quality of life for all citizens of the United Kingdom by legalizing cannabis and having a dutch coffee shop style government regulated cannabis industry.

Why is this idea important?

The legalization of cannabis can dramatically improve the lives of everyone,from the young to the old and from all walks of life, the government seems to be making a lot of cuts in public services at the moment and if they would legalise cannabis not only would it remove a significant expenditure from the budget it would free up massive amounts of police and court time, reduce the prison population again saving the taxpayer money or freeing up alot of money from our budget, the legalisation of cannabis is not just a good thing for the cannabis smoking community it is good for every person in our country.

The cannabis industry could work miracles for our economy firstly it could create a massive number of much needed jobs and could create jobs in the following sectors.

  • Agriculture: large numbers of people could be employed to grow cannabis, production on an industrial scale creates demand for specialty seeds/grow labs/breeding centres,agricultural supplies and machinery and distribution
  • Retail: Large numbers of dutch style coffe shops could employ a large number of peoplein this area, and this in turn creates demand for construction or at least refurbishment of existing structure.
  • Medical: Cannabis is known for its medicinal proerties and new strains are being created all the time with better and stronger medicinal properties all the time, in Northern California U.S.A. alone there are thousands of medicinal cannabis dispensaries, in L.A. alone there are over 400 dispensaries which employ thousands of people.
  • Indurtrial: Cannabis has manyindustrial applications, it is one of the strongest natural fibres known to man it can be used to make many differnt products for the construction industry, it can be used to make clothing and can also be used to make lots of different cosmetic products.

Secondly it could cut government spending in several areas such as police,the courts, and the cost of maintaining the prison population which could free up large amounts of money which could make alot of the previously mentioned government spending cuts to public services not neccesary.

Thirdly, it could generate massive amounts of money for our economy, the taxation of the production and sale of cannabis could generate billions every year which could be spent on improving our schools and the nhs instead of making cuts which would improve the quality of life for everyone. It would also boost our tourism industry massively not only in terms of cannabis related tourism but it would boost numbers to what existing tourist attractions we already.

Fourthly, By having a government regulated cannabis industry it ensure the quality of the product and that it cannot be sold to minors. It also takes the money generated by the sales of cannabis away from organised criminals and into the hands of the people, our government.

And lastly it might encourage people that would normally consume alcohol to try cannabis,alot of people will not try cannabis purely because it is illegal, cannabis is a nutural enlightening  spiritual meditative substance with no violence inducing qualities unlike alcohol, so much violence and destruction and suffering comes from people consuming alcohol, when was the last time you heard of a cannabis smoker regretting what they did the night before or apologising for their behaviour??

The legalisation of cannabis can save our economy,create jobs,improve our public services and reduce crime,maintaining the prohibition is costing every single taxpayer money and reducing the quality of life for every man,woman and child everywhere in our country.

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