The Children's Act was introduced to protect children from all forms of abuse but it has failed to protect many and led to a Country where the discipline of children is frowned upon.

Why is this idea important?

Children require discipline throughout society to understand the boundaries of the law.  Unfortunately, we are now seeing teachers unable to control classes, police unable to deal with unacceptable behaviour and parents frightened to discipline their children.  I am not suggesting that children should be given the cane but teachers should be able to control unacceptable behaviour.  I have known disruptive children being given laptops etc in an attempt to stop their difficult behaviour while those who do not cause any problems are given nothing.  Surely this only sends out a message that if you don't do as you are told you will be rewarded.  Many parents also feel that they have no means of dealing with difficult behaviour as they are all too often threatened by their own children with Social Services and the Police.  How can we continue to live in a society where children make the rules and then find life difficult when they become adults and are no longer protected.  I am sure the majority of children in this Country are well behaved but the minority are causing them problems both in school and in society as a whole.  So many teachers, parents and adults in general seem to face abuse and even assault from these youngsters and yet they do not have any law protecting them.

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