The unjust and unfair NERC legislation should be repealed. Ancient roads and paths that have been used for centuries have had restrictions placed on them to keep the minorities happy. Everybody has a right to use these roads, not just one group, they are there to be shared by everyone, horse riders, walkers, cyclists, trail riders, recreational vehicles, everybody.

Maybe different groups could be restricted to different times and days as is the case with heavy goods vehicles on public roads…..HGV's are restricted on certain roads on a Sunday for example, or between 9pm and 7am.

Surely a total ban is heavy handed, unfair and unjust.

Maybe we could reach a sensible compromise between the different groups that use the countryside?

Why is this idea important?

Without wishing to repeat the same comments of other people, the British countryside is there for everybody to enjoy…. not just minorities, everybody should be free to use lanes, bridlepaths, byways, recreational areas, fields etc etc in a responsible and legal manner.

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