The Child Support Agency is a much needed agency and appears to be successful in straight forward cases, where the non-resident parent is not self-employed.  If the non-resident parent refuses to pay maintainance, then the agency can by pass the non-resident parent and contact their employer directly for the relevant information.  In these cases a calculation can be made and maintenance payments are deducted directly from the non-resident parent's wages.

However, as with my own experience, the situation is much more complicated if the non-resident parent is self-employed.  My ex partner was a partner in two limited companies.  The CSA have been involved in the case for 8 months but so far to little avail.  As my ex partner was his own employer, the CSA did not have the option to deduct payments directly from his wages.  Although when I first contacted the CSA last December they informed me that legal proceedings would be initiated if my ex partner failed to supply the necessary information and failed to make payments.  However it would appear that the CSA are limited by red tape and the law seems to be on the side of non paying non-resident parent.

It is a common misconception that the CSA has strong links with the Inland Revenue, when in fact they are not connected at all.  I suggest that a step in this direction would me most helpful to the CSA when dealing with non-compliant self-employed non-resident parents.


Why is this idea important?

In order to help single parents who are struggling to provide for their children without the financial support of the ex partner

3 Replies to “The CSA need more powers to obtain information from self-employed parents”

  1. ……………..its a rubbish idea; sad ex wife sqeaking about money…..the law is already sufficiently bias feeding feminine neuroses and resentment; I expect we’ll have a national apology in the next decade or so for the 3000 years of opression we’ve made them suffer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. KBS – I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that since you wrote this you have had some time to become educated. What a pathetic ( yet typical) presumption that this is all about ‘money’ – CSA payments are calculated with what a NRP can afford based on the info they have, parents with care are not asking for a King’s ransom, simply assistance in bringing up their children in a society where money heavily dictates your quality of life. Not paying anything and making such an effort to set up a limited company to avoid helping your child have a better quality of life is unforgiveable and the fact this government is letting it happen is even worse. NRPs who do not pay towards their children are shooting themselves in the foot, not only should they be ashamed but they will regret it when their children grow up and find out just how much one of their parents really cared. I look forward to a more cerebral response.

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