The Independent Safeguarding Authority.  Its neither independent  nor safeguarding.  It fails to understand the origin and nature of child abuse.  It criminalises us all, gives power to the police and the public authorities.  Its unintended consequences are horrific rendering it extremely difficult for hundreds of voluntary bodies to operate successfully.  And as it that is not enough,  it has created a huge and costly bureacracy which a broken country like ours can scarcely afford.   It should be abolished and some commonsense thought applied to the problem of child abuse.  The money spent here could be spent on road safety and many more lives would be saved.  Too simple for our politicians!

Why is this idea important?

Because the ISA is a collossal waste of money.

Because it is a cumbersome bureacracy

Because of the plethora of unitended consequences that come with it.

Because there are many ways of coping with the problem more effectively for a lot less money.

Because it is an affront to our human rights to a prori assume we are guility in advance.

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