It's about time this absurd part of the Education Act was removed (along with having bishops in the House of Lords). The 'daily act of collective worship which should be broadly Christian in nature' is an affront to civil liberties on many levels; it indoctrinates children into the assumption that there is a god, and that god is the Christian god; it is genuinely offensive to people of other faiths, and to those people with no faith. This ridiculous anachronism must be consigned to scrapheap of history. If people wish to worship their god, that is fine, but don't force schools to be part of what should be a very private matter, especially schools paid for by taxes from people who do not share this belief system. There is no place for this in children's lives – it is tantamount to child abuse, a sad relic of bygone days where the church wielded power in this country and inveigled itself into the education system as a means to prolong that power.

Why is this idea important?

If you really care about children, about giving them a chance to think for themselves, to experience different ideas and gain worldy wisdom to make them better citizens, you must start in school. Practising Christians constitute a minority of people in this country – it is absurd to base one of our most important laws – the Education Act – upon such an anachronism that has no place in a multi-cultural, 21st century world

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