As you may or may not no there is a new drivers act which basically is as soon as you pass your test you have to years and with that 2 years you get 6 points your licence is taken off you and you have to reapply which means

you pay:

£50 for a provisional licence

£35 for a theory test

£50 for practical

Is it me or is it just a way or making money ? the driver is still left with the 6 points? what’s the lesson learnt it could be any minor offences you get the points for and then you without a licence,

surely this law needs to be rewritten to teach the driver why its important and do a basic test and if pass let them carry on, if you look its just another way of the government making money,

It may take a small number of bad drivers off the road and teach them a lesson but people find it hard enough to pay for insurance and such, theres always going be a moment when you got the odd 5mph over the limit by mistake or have a trye jus about going under the limit and you can easily get 3 points for it,


(Speeding over 10mph) (careless driving) (causing death or injuring by driving_ (aggressive driving), surely it should be on the offences which you have been found off that they judge on taking your licence away not just 6 points and out

Me myself got 3 points for doing 9mph over the speed limit on a dual carriage way and the court even had evidence to show that was in the flow in traffic and if I had slowed down for the speed limit it would have caused a accident but because of this new law I lost my licence !

The law needs to be looked at

Why is this idea important?

becasue the law is very unclear and not right !

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