regulated commercial supply under license to the coffee shops

 licensed coffee shops to sell to  public  that are of age also well trained staff in place to advise

allow the public to grow in an area of two meter square without license on condition they do not sell cannabis, but leave the seed trade open , this would still allow hobby growers to prefect better strains

no advertising

do not allow commercial cannabis premises to sell alcohol

 only allow premises to operate out of town away from pubs and schools

and can i just add, rescheduling cannabis would also allow better research for non toxic cancer cures and such

i would go even further and say we should also ban supper markets and shops form selling alcahol and give all them powers back to the good old fashioned pub land lords ,but still allow home brewers to the same level


Why is this idea important?

this would reduce underage substance abuse ,

remove the gate way from soft drugs to harder drugs,

reduce antisocial behavior

free up police time so they can concentrate on victim producing crimes

save police funds

remove criminal funding ,

generate billions to pay off our united debt and put toward health and education

allow science to do better research

save lives! time, money while gaining respect


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