The proper enforcement of this administrative current bungle!

Where as an absent father I've been granted a contact order & parental responsibility for my child.

However, it isn't enforced so that conatct can take place on a regular basis nor is it a good code of conduct for the mother who denies contact to the father.

Why then do we pay the child support when we are un-able to support our childrens education & spiritual, physical development?

I have been through the legal system for the last 12 years.

Thankful to God! My child uses the internet. This enables us to achieve some basic disalogue but it is still not enough respect for paternal development of our relationship!

What a farce!

I'd like a whole review of this scheme. That is contact centres, schools & other government centres where we should be allowed our rights! To keep the human family.

My local government library seems to be the safest place to even mention such a thing!

Also the fact that we are of an African Islaamic heritage born & bred in this kingdom & empire.

We need more Democracy not Plutocracy in our culture!

Why is this idea important?

To maintain the family structure withi the spiritual african islaamic community in the United Kingdom!

To develop good paternal links to children that are absent from our homes!

To educate our children.

To help african-european women develop a sense of identity thorough proper racial breeding & raising of families!

To strengthen the Black race & the rest of humanity with our contribution to society!

To promote good sexual health awareness toward african men & women!

To teach Democracy to the young & show respect to others in our society.

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