Stop the building and erection of wind turbines – they are not effective and they are very expensive

Why is this idea important?

The UK produces only 1.84% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions so if, overnight, we stopped producing ANY it would have no effect on the state of the world – the Chinese would “take up the slack” in a week

This is important mainly because we are wasting a great deal of money on an ineffective and very expensive method of power production (probably the most expensive method of power production, being twice as much as nuclear power)

  • the wind does not always blow and when it does it is often not hard enough which is why wind turbines only work, on average, 27% of the time. During a winter anticyclone (when we need the power most, the wind turbines will not be turning and, therefore, not producing any power
  • the impact on the environment of their manufacture is huge
  • each wind turbine requires back up of the same notional electricity production by more traditional carbon emitting power stations to cover the power fluctuations. Germany has been obliged to build five new coal fired power stations to provide this back-up to their increased numbers of wind turbines
  • this is a wasteful duplication of effort
  • we could save the £140,000 of subsidies that each wind turbine attracts and put it to better use – £400,000,000 in 2009
  • investment in wave power might prove to be a much better proposition


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