Repeal Harriet Harman's Equality Act and replace it with an Equality Act 2011.

Only this time make it inclusive for all the UK's citizens.

How can it be fair to randomly select clique sectors of society and give them protections over all others.  It sound like Animal Farm; all UK citizens are equal, but some (selected arbitrarily by one member of a moribund Labour Party) are more equal than others.

I have never demonstrated about anything in my life, but I feel so angry that this legislation has found its way into law, that i feel like giving up my job and camping outside Nick Clegg's house until he agrees to do something about it.

For example; no organisation can pay a man a different salary to to that of a women in the same job; so why do we need more legislation on equal pay.  If women are paid on average less than men; this is because they tend to take up jobs that carry a lower pay than men.  This situation doesn't need legislation, review, statistics, and action plans.  It has got nothing to do with the government if there are more women in lower paid jobs than men.  Maybe there are perfectly good reasons for this that do not need government interference.  For example; if more women work as kitchen assistants and cleaners than men, and more men work as building site workers than women; this might be a perfectly natural state of affairs that doesn't need their employers being taken to court for not paying them the same salary, or not ensuring that the gender percentage in each job is equal.

Also, the new Equality Bill goes on about a duty on public bodies to "foster good relations" between the average worker and those of certain protected groups like Transgender employees.  How many Transgender people are there in the UK? Why do they warrant special status any more than overweight people do or ugly people do?  I can say that overweight people and less attractive people in my organisation are openly laughed at almost every day at work, under the guise of office banter.  So why did Harriet Harman not include these groups in her Equalities Bill?

The whole idea that this Act can call itself the Equality Act is so flawed that it makes me furious.

Let's get it amended to protect all employees by law from unfair treatment and discrimination, but get rid of the duty on public bodies to spend so much unneccessary time and money on trying to promote and protect specialists groups.  In times of economic cuts; the public bodies need to focus on providing services, and not holding workshops to familiarise its staff with the lifestyle of transgender employees.


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it goes to the heart of the relationship between the people of the UK and their government.  All the time people are told that there is less money for them, that times are hard, and we all need to tighten our belts.  This is okay if we can see fairness across all sectors of society.

But the Equality Act imposes a duty (with all the associated costs of that duty) on Public Bodies to protect only a few and not the many.  This is similar to the discontent many of us feel to see prisoners playing sports and having TVs and playstations in prison, while we have to go out to work for 8 hours a day, often doing something we hate doing, just to earn enough money to pay the bills.  It is similar to seeing the Government spending billions of pounds over billions of pounds to send troops to Afghanistan, for what purpose. In 15 years time every penny that was spent in Afghanistan will have been spent pointlessly as the regime will change and change again until the people of that region get back to where they were 10 years ago.  All of that money could have been spent on education, housing, and health for everyone in the UK.

UK citizens need their government to ensure that the laws are fair to all those that contribute to society.  This isn't achieved by making some groups more equal than others.

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