Mr Cameron you are right..our  society is 'broken' and wee have a problem.

Current family law is a mess and fails children and fathers alike.

It is all to easy for a woman at the moment to get a divorse, + a hansome financial settlement even in 'short' marriage and get primary care of the children. The vast majority of men did not long to have children, respecting the union of marriage, only to have the horror not only of divorse but to then find children taken away and contact denied so easily by abusive mothers.

All this is possible currently under the shocking legislation known as the Children Act. We have the most regressive family law in the World it needs to change. It is time to  respect and enshrine the rights of each parent and give children fundamental human rights.

This country urgently needs to readdress the unfair avdantage that some abusive women can exercise over loving, responsible fathers over child access and contact.

Solution:  Abolish the Children Act.  Natural law and rights of father and children to be enshrined in legislation which will recognise fundamental Human Rights of the child to have equal access to a father unless it can be proved that it would not be in the best interests of the child. Women/ mothers to no longer have an assumed right to be primary carer of child. Each parent should apply on equal ground if they want of need more of less that 50% access caring responsibilities for child care. So what if the mother was child caring and the man working. If a partner wants to break up marriage each need to re apply on equal grounds of entitlement to contact.

Partntal responsibility. Abolish the current system whereby it is far too easy for a step parent (father)to aquire parental responsability by virtue of perhaps committing adultery with a married woman. Then adding his name to the childens name then aquiring parental responsibility. Under the current law,  not only is all of this possible it can be done with considerable ease..This has to be made much harder. 


I urge the repeal of the Childrens Act to be replaced with a new Bill of Family Rights. Let's give our children the rights they are entitled to and respect the value of marrige and the rights of fathers. I urge your support for change.



Why is this idea important?

Childrens Rights are not enshrined properly ion law when it comes to access to both parents.

The system is currently heavily biased in favour of mothers.

Other legal systems respect the rights of children (France) Law of England and Wales has the wrong assumed starting point for past family breakdown arrangement for children.


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