Extent of repeal

The entire Act

Why is this idea important?

This was an emotionally derived piece of legislation driven by a tabloid media campaign, and which overruled the recommendations of the government's own inquiry (which concluded that the Dunblane shootings were down to a failure of Policing and law enforcement). To that end it was recommended that firearms law required no new restrictions. This poorly-thought out, knee-jerk response to a single incident currently prevents a lawful, harmless form of recreation and has had no effect in curtailing firearms related crime, as it only provided powers to remove firearms from lawful, private possession (which criminals by definition will ignore). In 12 years no other Western nation has followed the UK's "shining example"(not true- see Australian laws. Check facts before making blanket assertions(Australia is not a Western nation, check globe before making supercilious remarks)) suggesting that the UK is too restrictive, not the other way around. Infact, the absurdity of these laws means our own Olympic pistol team have to go to France in order to train.

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