Our children today grow up with little thoughts about their responsibility to others and society. It is just 'assumed' they will learn this. Yet with the large numbers of 'child on child' crime, the bullying (often ignored for the reputation of the school) and the devide between those who do well at school and those who effectively 'drop out', this teaching is clearly lacking.

This is the unspoken fourth R of Responsibility and should sit with the traditional other 3R's at the heart of our education system.

It should be given equal status, compulsary and with exam options like English or Maths.

Why is this idea important?

The values of consideration and tollerence are being erroded in our Society and this is most noticable in the younger generations.

While we don't want to return to any form of 'class structure', we do need to re capture these values as opposed to the selfish, force is right and factional hatedread that is clearly growing.

Teaching 'Responsibility' that includes these values like 'treat other as you would like to be treated yourself' would go a long way to do this. While some good schools do do some of this, most do not and even the good schools do not do sufficent – there simply is not time for it on the current national curiculum.

Only by making it the fourth R with equal standing with each of the other three R's will the required time be given for the benefit of everyone including the young in Society.

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