There have been a number of instances over the past 10 years in which laws have been passed that have granted some people freedom at the expense of others. 

I support freedom for all and in doing so I uphold that everyone should be granted the same freedom. One person; weather that’s a Muslim, Secularist, Christian, Homosexual etc; should be given equal freedom to practice what they believe to be true. To advocate civil partnerships as a means of expanding peoples’ freedom (as true as that may be) and then to punish those who simply, out of conscience, don’t feel they can honour the partnership and so request that they may be absolved from their responsibility of carrying it out, as happened in July 2008, strikes me as a contradiction. If people are free to practice what they want, surely people should also be free to disagree with those practices and be allowed to respectfully and peacefully opt out of any part of professional or civil duty with impunity. I believe the same to be true for medical ethics (such as abortion).

Why is this idea important?


Equality should be granted for ALL and people should be given the freedom to disagree with an act as well as partake in it!

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