The Human Rights Act (1998) was incorporated into law by the Labour Party.

My idea is to scrap this criminals and lawyers charter and replace it with a Bill of Rights.

Why is this idea important?

The Human Rights Act (1998) was incorporated into law by the Labour Party. At that time, the party was being run by a lawyer, Tony Blair who incidently was married to another lawyer, Cherie Booth.

Since this Act was placed into British Law, I cannot recall a single case where the ordinary man or woman on the street has benefited from it. What I can recall are the thousands of cases where criminals have taken advantage of the Act and of the many cases where groups such as Travellers take advantage of the Act to tread roughshod over communities by claiming they are victims and that their human rights are being eroded by not being able to buy a cheap field they building a small town on it, all at the local council tax payers expense.

The other beneficiaries of this act are the lawyers. QC's like Cherie Blair have made millions out of this Act on the backs of the taxpayer.

In short, this Act as applied to Britain has become nothing more than a criminals charter, a lawyers payday and the Travellers ticket.

I call for this Act to be scrapped and replaced by a Bill of rights and responsibilities. This Bill should contain your rights as a British citizen but importantly your responsibilities too.. There should be no right to be able to buy a field and build on it without planning permission, whoever you are. You should forfeit your rights if you are convicted of a crime. Your rights should include protection from criminals, a standard of education, free speech etc.

Scrapping this law can only benefit ordinary people. the law as it stands only protects vocal minorities and criminals whilst serving only to line the pockets of lawyers such as Chrie Booth. Scrap the law and replace it with one that stands for the good and the law abiding, not the scroungers and the criminals, 

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