My idea is simple: Legalise, tax and regulate Cannabis.


Cannabis should be available to everyone aged 18+



Cannabis should be sold in a licensed premises along the lines of a tobacconists, supplied by a licensed commercial grower and all products quality controlled before being supplied to the store. All sales could be taxed – a much needed source of income in these bad economical times.

Cannabis must be used in a private place such as a home, or a public place similar to the Coffee Shops of Amsterdam. 

It would be an offence to consume Cannabis in an un-appointed public area.

It would be a criminal offence to sell Cannabis, or buy Cannabis for, anybody under the age of 18, much like the Alcohol laws.



Growing for personal use would not need a licence. There would be a pre-determined maximum number of plants per person aged 18+ per household. Any Cannabis grown for personal use may be freely used with friends, family or anybody aged 18+.

It would be a criminal offence to sell off any Cannabis grown for personal use.

It would be a criminal offence to supply anybody under the age of 18 with any Cannabis.



A doctor would be able to prescribe Cannabis to anybody they believe it would benefit, with no age limit.

Strains of Cannabis bred to be medically potent will be available in all Chemists on prescription. For patients who prefer not to smoke Cannabis, vapourisers and Cannabis Recipe books would be available at a low price at the Chemists to provide alternative methods of consumption.


Industrial Cannabis:-

Cannabis has many industrial uses: It's oils can be used as biofuel, it's fibre – the strongest natural fibre known to man – is a renewable source of paper, it's seeds can be used for food. Make use of Cannabis's many varying properties!


Why is this idea important?

"The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world."

– Dr. Carl Sagan


Firstly, prohibition has been proven to be ineffective. There will always be a demand for Cannabis and therefore there will always be a supply of it. If you prohibit Cannabis that leaves criminals to be doing the supplying.

Criminals supplying Cannabis means:

  • There is no age restrictions – anybody can get hold of it, even our youth.
  • Bulking agents used to increase the weight of the product are contaminating the Cannabis – often these are dangerous chemicals.
  • No quality control – Mouldy Cannabis, therefore dangerous Cannabis, may be sold.
  • The government do not "control" Cannabis, like they think they do. It is entirely in the hands of criminals.
  • The profit often goes to more severe crimes, funding gang warfare.

I could carry on forever listing negative effects of Criminals supplying the Cannabis.

Legalisation means:

  • Enforced age restrictions make it less accessible to youths.
  • Quality controlled Cannabis means the Cannabis is suitable for human consumption.
  • No contaminants will be added to increase the weight.
  • There is no risk involved when purchasing, as there would be when coming into contact with a real criminal.
  • No criminal will attempt to push harder drugs onto the customer – it separates Cannabis from the black market.
  • Millions of people, wrongly classed as criminals – even though they have no victim, will no longer be seen as such.
  • Prisons would become far less crowded.

Again, I could go on forever.

Secondly, Government should not be telling us what we can and can't do with our bodies. At 18 or over, we are officially seen as adults and we should be treated as such –  we are mature enough to make decisions such as these, and it is a human right that we should have that choice. By consuming Cannabis, as user harms nobody but themselves and without a victim there can not be a crime.

At the end of a hard day, whilst some people like to relax with a glass of wine, other people like to relax by consuming Cannabis. It is their drug of choice and it shouldn't be taken from them.

Thirdly and finally, to withhold Cannabis, a drug that has been proven to act as an effective medicine, from the millions of people who would benefit from it's therapeutic properties, is a crime against humanity! 

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