The absolute limit of 30 children per infant class, imposed by the last Labour Government's Infant Class Size Regulations, may sound good, but in practice it has very undesirable effects, including the forced separation of twins, and brothers and sisters having to go to different schools. Good schools, where children could be taught perfectly well in groups of more than 30, have been forced to use mixed age group classes. This makes the teacher's job harder, and usually leads to the youngest children in a year group being "kept down" with children from the year group below, regardless of their ability. This penalises children with July and August birthdays, who are already disadvantaged in the education system.  

Why is this idea important?

The current rules cause a lot of misery for families who are forced to send their children to different primary schools, and for children who are forcibly separated from their peer group. It inflates local house prices near popular primary schools, because of the strict limits on the number of children they can admit.

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