This country and in particular the NHS has suffered from "the paradox phenomenon" (as defined by me). In essence this phenomenon is where the outcome of an intended series of actions is the direct opposite of that originally intended.  In the case of the NHS this occurred due to the enormous power and imperialism which has resulted from the IT revolution whereby any good idea or new regulations can be deluged upon the masses with the greatest of ease. Perhaps only 10-15 years ago this was not possible owing to the vaste work effort and cost required to circulate large groups of people. IT has changed all this. As a consequence the D of H has created a situation whereby healthcare is grid locked into stale mate and no action is achievable because however much it is required there will be a series of conflicting regulations which make it impossible. 


The last Government had every good intention of improving health care in the UK. They were the first government to address the significant underspend over many years when compared to every other OECD country. But their way of addressing change was to appoint "experts". Experts know masses about their chosen field and very little about everything else. As a consequence their views have been directed at the general workings of the system but without seeing the consequences to the wider picture. We then get into the situation of "hand-offs". 

With each expert opinion being implemented the deluge process involves a series of hand offs  from Central government out through the chain of administration and finally reaching the grass routes where services are delivered.  The paradox phenomenon states that the outcome of expert advice is inversely proportional to the number of hand offs. Consequently within a massive organisation like the NHS there is virtually no chance of any expert advice resulting in a sensible outcome. 

A far better approach is to revert to darwinian evolutionary principles and find systems that have proved they work then give them the support they need and try and replicate them. 

In order for any of this to be possible there will be a need to repeal any outstanding regulation which does not serve a prime facie need  since these regulations are causing grid lock in the system and preventing any progress whatsoever. 

Amen . Hope you like my ideas. I would seriously like to help restore value for money and patient orientated healthcare philosophy in this country not the present bureaucratic nightmare allbeit that it arose with the best intentions imaginable. 

Why is this idea important?

my idea is important because failure to take on board the underlying principles will result in yet further massive expense on healthcare  but without achieving the desired effects on end patient services. 

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