I know there are already a few ideas posted which seem to have gone down well but since I feel so strongly towards this I just wanted to be heard out.

I believe cannabis should be fully legalised exacly how they propose to have it in California, USA or as it is now in Amsterdam. I also believe that this law may be held for a referendum like they are having in California this November.

In states in the USA cannabis has been legal for medicinal purposes for only a few years and isn't even legal in a lot of states yet and even if it is it's only for medicinal purposes, already Cannabis is legally the biggest cash crop by far in the USA.

But what people don't realise is that cannabis is not only for smoking but also 'Hemp' can be used for many green purposes such as fuel or it can be used as a resource for textiles and other such things. This can also boost the economy

Once, not long ago a brave man opened a cannabis cafe in Worthing he proved that this can work and no damage at all was caused to the community, the police even knew the cafe was operating it wasn't exacly a secret, i don't know how it got closed down i suppose some ignorant pathetic people falling for the government propaganda started complaining despite the fact no damage was done to anything. Although i don't want to be a hipocrit as I myself felt negatively towards marihuana when I was younger, because of course the government made me believe it's bad.

I think this should be put into action soon as clearly these 'scientists' if they are the ones strongly objecting to cannabis. Although i wouldnt blame them as when someone advised on a non paid job that cannabis is harmless he got sacked? That is pathetic, what do the governent only want to hear that cannabis is the devils weed?

As i said before i feel this should be put to a referendum or a vote. It would be great for a date for cannabis to be legalised to be made sooner rather than later, i would gain a lot of lost faith with the government if it was legalised.

Why is this idea important?

As it's clear now, despite the fact when police confiscate marihuana they say to the users "You are under arrest for possesion of a 'CONTROLLED' drug, prohibition has been an abysmal failure.

The reasons for this is clear. Marihuana is not known to cause any damage to users in comparison with substances such as alcohol and tobbaco or even caffeine which apparantly are infact more addictive than cannabis. Yes, I understand that marihuana affects each individual in very different ways but it's not so serious that it should be illigal where as killer substances such as alcohol or tobbaco or even caffeine which is known to cause deaths is legal.

Many people go under the assumption (which is probably because of all this false government propaganda) that you can only smoke cannabis. Therefore suggesting that marihuana causes damage to your lungs, the talk to Frank website doesn't even mention that marihuana can be eaten or vaporised (where the cannabis is heated so only the THC is released in vapour form, therefore not causing any damage at all to the users lungs). In my honest opinion (I could indeed be wrong however) marihuana CAN have a bad effect long term on about 2/3's of peoples lives.

I was watching a program about Amsterdam and what the people who don't take it think of Cannabis and other 'soft' drugs. All of which either said they don't smoke cannabis out of personal choice but they are friends with people who do and it really doesn't affect their friendship and are confident the cannabis using friends are quiet fine as well. Or they may say that they don't know anyone who does smoke cannabis but they feel its a harmless drug just like alcohol or anything else which is fine in moderation. THAT is how it should be in this country it should be a matter of personal choice, yes it can be bad on some people, but the thing is most of the time they will know it has a bad effect on them.

I am a recreational cannabis user and i'm not afraid to admit it. I know how to take it in moderation, just as with anything else I've smoked it regularly but i realised doing that makes me lose touch with reality and cause other such problems so immediatly i cut my use of the soft drug easily as of course unlike the false government propaganda says cannabis is not addictive like for instance tobbaco.

Instead of spreading maybe's and could's about affects which havn't been proven to have directly taken effect on users despite the fact cannabis has been used for hundreds of years, not a few months like the new drugs circulating (methadrone etc) the government could instead legalise it and really control it (have it sold legally for over 18's i have been smoking cannabis responsibly since I was 16, it was easier to get than alcohol, i didn't even have to use my fake ID) The government could instead educate on the effects ofCannabis just as they did before but not with false propaganda such as the famous skitsophrenia claims or assumptions (I think it was that it COULD cause skitsophrenia in 1 in 10 users or something).

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