I think ecstasy should be legalised, this isn’t just me saying “Oh yea this drug is cool! Lets ask people to get it legalised!”

Im making an extremely valid point when saying the legalisation of safe drugs (Drugs that have not shown any worse side effects than ones that are already mainstream and legal, after many many years of use)could actually make the public safer than stereotypically thought

Why is this idea important?

Now more than ever, the UK really needs to think about it’s drugs laws. At this time there are more than 50 legal highs developed and sold legally in the UK every year. The problem with this however is user safety. People don’t want to be penalised for having fun and drugs are fun to use… regardless of anybodies opinion there are always going to be people that take them.

However, because people don’t want to get in trouble with illegal drugs that are actually safer; they turn to legal ones. The problem with legal drugs is that they are hugely unknown substances that have not been properly tested and can pose a serious risk to many peoples health.

This problem is only going to get worse because the government doesn’t have the money to test out and classify the constant stream of legal highs that are currently saturating the legal highs market. If they can’t be tested and classified people are going to be able to get hold of them easily without the involvement of the law. With there being no testing on said chemicals no known effects will be present (Short term or long term) and the public will be at risk. Ironically; by the 1 thing that was made illegal in the first place… dangerous chemicals.

I am making this one suggestion into the legalisation of ecstasy because it is one of the safest drugs around. It has been tested time and time again; it is safer than both alcohol and cigarettes in there smallest doses. I see no valid reason for this drug being made class A or illegal altogether.

Answer me this one question; what are the risks and dangers of this drug that are not already present in everything else that is legal?

Millions of ecstasy pills are taken every week… some people die, some people live and we all feel a bit sad the day after. Exactly like alcohol; but without the hangover.

There are many medical professionals and politicians who have lost their jobs for ‘Proving’ that ecstasy is in fact safe.

If we don’t offer youths or people interested in drugs a ‘Safe alternative’ to unsafe and unknown chemical lives then there is going to be a lot of blood on the governments hands.

Ironic isn’t it?

If anybody would like to argue, encourage, or ask for information about this particular idea. Don’t hesitate to email me on e-legally@hotmail.co.uk

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