I believe there should be a law specifically passed making it illegal for members of parliament to tell lies to the people of this country

A typical example of this breach of trust is nick clegg, on the home page of this site in the first two paragraphs he tells 7 distinct lies.

If you queery what i say compare what is said with your stand as a pro smoker, now listen to the lead in video, seven distinct lies, and total non interest in what over 70% of the british people want, I hasten to add these are not government statistics, known as government lies, these are real statistics taken by asking real people what they think and believe. A similar number of smokers suprisingly enough want the ban repealed for various reasons.

Still never mind there is a majority who would like to see capitol punishment returned, but that is not going to happen either

Why is this idea important?

The most important idea in a democracy is trust in members of parliament, saddly missing. Blair was so bent he couldent lay straight in bed, bur clegg who is from a small insignificant party in a borrowed job is in his first months trying to outdo the king of liars

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