Whatever existing laws are required to be repealed or amended to deal with this vexatious question once and for all, it should be done NOW.


At the beginning of each Parliament, following the Queen's Speech, the Speaker's Office or a Committee from the Lords should examine the proposed items of legislation and, where appropriate, declare them to be "English Bills" All Welsh and Scottish Members should be prohibited from taking part in the debate or voting on these measures, including, if necessary, the Speaker. (There are Deputies!)

Why is this idea important?

One of the most obvious manifestations of a general malaise, a discontent with our political system, relates to the delegation of powers to the Welsh and Scottish Patrliaments while the same matters in England are dealt with by the House of Commons. The  Scottish and Welsh members have an input into English affairs which is not reciprocated: the delegated powers are dealt with solely by Scottish and Welsh representatives.

(In parenthesis, it is often maintained that, by way of the Buchanan formula, most of these matters are dealt with more generously, at English expense)

If Mr. Clegg is serious about returning power to the people, this should be high on the agenda. There is genuine ill-feeling about it, particularly as the last Government, highly unpopular by the end of its' time in office, drew a great deal of support from Scotland and Wales.

Measures relating to England only will be a great deal easier to implement if only the English Members deal with them. There is a feeling of "unfairness" about the present system which should not be under-estimated.

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