'We are in this together';

Abolish all means that allow tax avoidance, evasion and minimisation, including Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, etc.

Amend regulations that allow all attempts to circumvent the above via loopholes and other means including tax havens.

Abolish all regulations and loopholes that allow access to tax havens.

Abolish all regulations that allow VAT avoidance  by retailers selling through The Channel Islands and similar Crown territories.

Abolish all regulations that allow  avoidance of proper and fair tax on all bonuses, under what ever name, in both private as well as public sectors.

Abolish regulations that make shareholder votes on pay and other matters 'advisory only' rather than mandatory.

Why is this idea important?

'We are in this together'; if so then this needs to be the starting point for such discussion of regulation ie what to keep and enhance as well as abolish or qualify.

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