MP’s salaries should be abolished and replaced by Income Support.

Why is this idea important?

The new parliament has declared that welfare bills are too high and that we must encourage people to work in jobs even if the pay is low. We believe this plan would give a unique opportunity to stop MP’s expenses scandals once and for all & save the public purse considerable sums. As parliament can be thought of as a ‘non-job’, it is proposed that the current MP salary scheme be replaced with the well-understood benefit of Income Support. Members of parliament in such a scheme are all paid a flat £65 per week, with an extra £10 allowable for expenses such as busfares and food. Furthermore if they spend time outside of parliament working it is right and equitable their benefits are reduced directly in line with earnings or if they refuse to pay back the taxpayer’s alms they face a custodial sentence. If such parlimentarians wish to borrow money they can obtain a ‘crisis loan’ of up to £200 to help pay for essentials such as duck ponds or nights out in the West End. We see it as only fair that our elected representatives are made to live under the same rules as the people they govern.

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