Firstly I am talking about LEGALISATION   not decriminalisation which seems to fall between all possible stools.

Also  by Legalisation i do not mean condolence or promotion of drugs.

This is simple and illogical.   Illegal drugs cause poverty and abuse in the countries of production not to mention the destruction of habitat and culture, they fill the pockets of crime lords, they criminalise the most vulnerable in our society and make addicts and criminals of users.  They cost a fortune in policing, border control, medical bills and prison time.  They contribute NOTHING to our economy….. 

If we legalise what do we get?

By setting up 'Fair Trade' supply of drugs the growing and manufacture can be controlled helping people out of poverty, by taxing and controlling the supply chain the HMRC gets significant income, and the quality is controlled leading to less issues around misuse and drugs being cut with real poisons.  We as a society would no longer criminalise young people just because of choosing MDMA over alcohol.  Money made from this process can be ear marked for drug education,   which would further decrease usage as it would be honest.

The current hypocrisy is laughable,  70% of students would of tried an illegal drug,  a quarter of under 40's still use a recreational drug, and these are not unemployed people these are Lawyers, Doctors, Police….. Hypocrites.

By Legalisation I do not mean you will see the next Manchester United team sponsored by 'cocaine r us'  however appropriate, we can have drugs legal yet controlled, available yet deter ed. 

About time we were treated like adults? 

The idea that a legal heroin would be more abused and easier to get hold of that the current heroin is simply madness….. 

I can Scuba dive, learn to fly, horse ride, buy a gun, sky dive, bungee jump, mountain bike and go on track days but i can't sit in my back garden and smoke cannabis?…….  makes no sense to me…….





Why is this idea important?

This is important for a number of reasons

1. Drug control cost us as a country billions in policing, rehabilitation and litigation

2. Criminals are getting rich of this market.

3.  It makes a mockery of the law, and makes people question how logical our society is.

4. It means drug problems are left to fester rather than being dealt with in the open.


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