I would like the masses of idiotic “child protection” legislation repealed.  For the most part they are protecting the safe cushy well paid jobs of those armies of “specialist units” -who otherwise couldn’t catch a cold -but sit at computers watching who is watching what on their own computer. These are the same people who label a17-yr-old a “child” and bring a case of “rape” when it is no such thing in the original definition of the word but is used to get attention.  It’s absurd.


 The mass hysteria over so-called paedophiles is out of control because of the never ending hype from government spin merchants, homophobic protection fanatics, do-gooders and the parasites of the media who are unconcerned at the harm they do with their obnoxious propaganda.

  For example, the mother who drowned her 8 yr old daughter to "protect her from imagined paedophiles", or the results of the brutal draconian jail terms, the cause of the horrendous number of suicides because they will be treated worse than some murderers- and without the lifelong stigma;  Waco, Dunblane and of course the Cleveland and Orkneys et al, fiascos when 100s of kids were taken from their own homes because some low life after kudos whispered "sex abuse"!   Just one police witch-hunt I read about cost £15million and took two years.  Result- Not one arrest!

 A high powered Medic-Legal committee was set up- in the 60’s- I think, ironically because of the ever increasing brutal jail sentences.  The findings made interesting reading as they found (a)”boys (usually) make the first move in such affairs” (as I did).  (b) Was part of growing up, experimenting, curious.  (c) A passing phase so will grow out of it IF left alone.  (d) If born that way some boys will start very early.  (e) The real lasting harm is not the result of early sex but the attitudes of friends, family and especially interrogators, made worse if any are rabid homophobic.

This report was available to the law makers, government etc but as it didn’t fit their agenda, it was ignored.  Strange to say that this report only appeared in one or two newspapers- Telegraph & Guardian.  Says it all I think!


The previous inept government brought in countless new police state laws aimed at this one group -mainly to win votes from the brainwashed to counter the growing feeling amongst those with more than one brain cell that the vast majority of cases were mutuus consensus, so the tin gods at the Home Office had to come up with an excuse as they couldn't lose all these cases, the statistics would take a dive – as "grooming, inciting, causing, sex activity with.." which guarantee a conviction and brutal jail term.


I have witnessed the REAL trauma, inflicted on a relative- my wife’s 13-yr-old brother  who had had a sex relationship with someone older for several years   Like many cases, he wasn’t complaining, in fact he begged his parents to let the man come and live with them as a lodger- but was “shopped” by a jealous rival. His treatment by the obnoxious promotion -seeking Det Sgt was unbelievable. He was “grilled” for an hour before sending for his father.  After a few minutes of the 3rd degree the Det Sgt said to him “you are in love with him (the older friend) aren’t you”!  PROOF he knew there was consent which the law and the sycophants deny happen unless groomed etc..

 I also know of a boy who refused to give the obligatory answer- as “I didn’t want to, he made me, I was scared (to say anything)” etc, was taken away and put in care….there are many like it. .Further to this case, when the man was arrested –after a neighbour of the boy who wanted to get at his mother, informed cops- the desk Sgt told the man that “he was the best thing that had happened to the boy”  (It transpired that the boy had always been in trouble- including with the neighbour- but since meeting the man had NOT been in ANY trouble….


 As a 12yr-old boy I needed no grooming, inciting, etc. (like the above)  . That was 70 years ago when people just minded their own business and before the holier-than-thou homophobic control freaks took over.
Sadly no one wants to listen to anyone who refutes their monstrous accusations/ claims, they highlight the very rare high profile cases –Moors murders, and Soham- and infer that these are the norm.  NOT SO.


Why is this idea important?

Apart from saving £millions, if not £billions when all the ramifications considered, it would prevent another Dunblane, Cleveland & Orkneys.  Also cut the number of suicides which includes boys themselves who have taken their own lives when found out.  Being gay is now the most popular target for school bullys.

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