The pursuit of liberty, deficit reduction and a safer society along the way…

Cannabis represents a massive commercial opportunity that up to now has only been available to organised crime. The jobs and tax revenues that would stem from a cafe culture would be a welcome addition to the legal economy, and by definition would be taking money and jobs from the criminal underworld.

Heroin is the most damaging of the illegal drugs. Registering addicts and giving them free heroin in clinics along with clean needles, safe doses and therapy, offers the best value for all of society. A vast amount of the theft and burglary in this country is due to acquisitive crime to fund a heroin addiction. This would virtually disappear with NHS heroin clinics.

We are currently in control (a bit) of the largest heroin producing nation in the world. Perhaps us purchasing the good from the farmers rather than the war lords might go some way to creating some jobs and stability in Afghanistan. There is also a global shortage of medical morphine which would represent a decent export for the country.

Decriminalising possession for personal use of all illegal drugs is simply an attempt to reduce our prison population and free the police from the burden of dealing with such a prevalent, yet victimless crime. It is a liberal and realistic approach to a problem that is not going to go away.

Why is this idea important?

This idea is important because of the far reaching effects it would have on much of public policy. It touches all the major government departments and the liberty of every citizen (and tourist!) in the country.

Prisons are overpopulated, police are facing cuts and the courts are over stretched.

The NHS is forced to pick up the pieces without being allowed to offer the simple solution of free heroin.

Our soldiers are fighting in Afghanistan against a militia funded by the sale of Heroin on British streets.

We line the pockets of the dealers rather than the pockets of the young people who would be employed in these cafes.

If the ConDems took this step we would be the envy of the world. Liberal, Rich & Safe.

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