Review of the following sections of this Act:

Section 54-59 & Section 60
(greater police powers in regards to searching and the taking of fingerprints and DNA,
greater police powers in regards to unregulated 'Stop & Search' policies).

Section 63-67
(definition of prohibited music in public places using the term 'repetitive beats', enablement of police to stop 100 or more attendees of events with music defined as containing 'repetative beats',
enablement of police to stop 2 or more organisers of of such events prior to them actually happening,
the absurd section 65 which enables police to stop and redirect any person they suspect of planning to attend such events within a 5 mile radius,
the enablement of police to stop protests deemed a nuisance including amongst other things, unauthorised camping).

Why is this idea important?

I feel sections (54-59 & 60) have actually created more problems within our society by alienating
the public from authorities such as the police through paranoid domestic security policies that have not yet been justified. I do not feel the 'what if' philosophy is an acceptable way to police society.

I feel many of the sections included in Part V (63-67) serve only to stifle many culturally important music and art events/movements that help define Britain as country of great creative freedoms and cultural importance.

I feel there should be a full review of this act and it's sections in regards to the relevancy in
modern British society.

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