To follow the example of the Swiss, where, because of the right to referendum, there is a far higher sense of ownership of laws, and a far higher incidence of being law abiding. This right to referendum should operate at all levels of democracy. Decisions taken by parish councils, local authorities, county councils, as well as central government should come under the right to referendum law.

It should operate as follows: If the petitioner for refrendum secures 8% of an electorates signatures, the petitioners question should be put to that electorate and the decision binding upon the relevant authority. For example, if a decision taken at county level is the subject of the referendum question, then if the author of the question gets 8% of the county's registered electorate, then the question is put to a county referendum and the result binding upon the county. The same principle to opertae at all levels of government decision. If we truly believe in democracy, there is no logical reason to oppose this idea. It works fantastically well in Switzerland, 

I doubt we would have gone to war in Iraq with such a provision. We might also get a say as to whether we wish to spend so much money on the Blairs' personal security.  ' 

Why is this idea important?

It gives everyone a sense of ownership of the law. Anything which is a good idea for change has the chance to be adopted by the people. Anything which seems wrong can be challenged. The most important element in a democracy is a sense of justness. This law would deliver that..

The last 13 years has taken democracy away from the people. It is important to proactively be seen to be giving it back.

Fear that the people may make the wrong decision can not be a defence against it.

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