All surveillance cameras of every kind to be removed. Granting the UK citizen the right to an unobserved life and thereby returning their innocence in law.  At present, all are presumed potentially guilty and as such are under constant monitoring.

The following is a quote from Birmingham City Council's website.

"Ever felt like you're being watched?…It's not surprising!

Wherever you go these days, in shopping complexes, railway stations, car parks even just sitting by a fountain – you are often being watched. Closely."

This should be the aberrant thought of a lunatic and not a way of life for a nation.

The money saved from the sell off of equipment and running of the Surveillance State can be redirected to wherever necessary. Including the targeted surveillance of those genuinely intending ill and who have been brought to the authorities attention by true policing and not gleaned from trawling the entire nation night and day in perpetuity.

Why is this idea important?

To ward off the dystopian future that we we are blindly careering to.  Every educational or Home Office study shows that CCTV does not reduce crime and yet this is the reason parroted; clearly the real reason for their use is not for public consumption.  Could it be the detrimental psychological effects of being observed by authority?  Creating a self moderated cowed public? It's impossible to say but it is no more fanciful than detecting someones proclivity to violence or criminality by analysis of their illegally sought DNA which is the case today with the new DNA pseudo sciences.

Initiated by Leon Brittan and adopted with gusto by Neo Labour we have become the most surveilled country in the world.  An accolade to be ashamed of.  

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