I was never sure whether Eutanasia was the right thing to legalise but when my father was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in 2008 it made me understand why it should be.

My reason for deciding that it should be legalised is because of the cruel suffering my father went through.  He was advised by a consultant at Queen Elizabeth Hospital that he had two years to live, he raised his hand with tears in his eyes and said 'Why Me' I shall never forget that moment as I had never seem my father cry and it was just a very sad.

Basically Mr Clegg I am saying this: You should listen to the people of your country that are dying with an incurable disease, its cruel to make them suffer when there is a something that can be done to help.  I'm not saying if they ask for Euthanasia then give it, of course it should be determined by a medical professional similar to when you turn off a life support machine.

My father wanted to die because he knew what was coming, he had read the book that he was given on how it progressed and was told by consultants that it was moving to the next stage. For those that dont know anything about MND it is the muscles that deteriorate and you are left with nothing but skin and bone but you keep all your faculties.  My father initially lost the use of his legs, his speach, then he couldnt drink, eat or swallow and basically starved to death. 

It goes to show that what legislation and 'red tape' that is in place now hasnt worked to date. Government hasnt exactly showed its people that they have made the right decisions so far, just look at the financial mess we are in for starters. 

Sadly my father died in January 2010, he kept strong and I was very proud of him however he shouldnt have suffered like he did,  he should of been given that Right To Die just like he wanted which was to die with dignity and when he felt the time was right.

People with incurrable diseases shouldnt have to travel to Switzerland to die they should be able to do it in the country that they were born in and with their loved ones around them.

For those that disagree until you are in that situationthen then it isnt the right time for you to comment.


Why is this idea important?

  • The suffering is removed.
  • Knowing you fulfilled their wishes.
  • Simply doing the right thing and providing a 'Choice'.


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