Everyone should have a right to frontline medication whether they live in London or they live in Newcastle

Overhaul of the Primary care trust and Health Authorities.

Aim the care at peoples health, quality of life and not money and stats.

The right to frontline medication for suffferers of Narcolepsy and Cataplexy.

WAKE UP TO NARCOLEPSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is this idea important?

Before hitting out at the sick,poor and disabled in this country, I think the present Government should look at why there are so many people having to live on these benefits and unable to get back into employment???

I have Narcolepsy and Cataplexy but the Primary Care trust refuse to give me access to frontline medical treatment as they don't think it's 'cost effective'?? Surely I and fellow sufferers should be able to get the best medical treatment available and have my life in the hands of a panel of executives who have never even seen me but decide I'm not worth the money.

I have fought for my country in the Royal Air Force; worked for the Ministry of Defence and paid for my NHS treatment by my National Contrubutions each month.

So can the present government now tell me and other poor sufferers of this condition why I have no right to frontline NHS treatment?? I no longer can work, drive and find it near impossible to look after my daughter who is 11 years old.

I am only 32 years old and now I just exsist from day to day praying for help as my condition gets more severe and I become tolerant to the inexpensive drugs the NHS thinks my fellow sufferers and I are worth??? There is no cure for this illness, so please give us the right to have more than just a bleak exsistant.

Everyone should have a right to frontline medication whether they live in London or they live in Newcastle

The Old government stated In its "new NHS" white paper of 1997, ministers promised to "renew the NHS as a one-nation health service". This government introduced measures designed to ensure "fair access and high standards of care across the UK". These included: national service frameworks, which would set national standards of care for key conditions and diseases, such as mental health and heart disease; the commission for health improvement which would monitor quality in NHS services and have powers to send in "hit squads" to take over failing hospitals and Nice – the national institute for clinical effectiveness (in Scotland, the Scottish health technology assessment centre), which would make NHS-wide decisions on the availability of expensive new drugs and treatments. In the 2001 election manifesto.

The old government also pledged to "further tackle the lottery of care" and said it would force health authorities and trusts to pay for drugs and treatments which are approved by Nice????

Nothing as yet……………………..Please give us the right to our life back!

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