It is an individuals right to withdraw labour from an employer (strike)under the anti trade union laws brought in during the last 30 years companies can mount a legal challange to stop people going on strike ,

It is wrong that the employer should have this victorian type draconian attitude to bulling sttaff into lower pay ,worse working conditions .

ANTI TRADE union laws need to be repealed 

Why is this idea important?

It is important that there is a balance in the work place between workers and employers .It has swung to much in favour of the employer 

the threat from the CONSERVATIVES to repeal safety laws ,the threat to make more anti trade union laws ,the threat of a third underclass of workers with no rights does not bode well for the future

the balance needs to be brought back to give WORKERS the right to a safe environment  ,the right to take industrial action without continual legal challenges from employers 

the right to a work life balance 

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