The Government is elected by its citizens to run the country, to ensure that the realm is capable of defending itself, of ensuring that the citizens who elected the Government into position ( I deliberately refrain from using the word 'power') can live under what is known as the Queen's Peace, safe from criminal depradation. Consent is implied in the election of a Government for that Government to raise taxes to pay for those services, systems and establishments which work to the benefit of the electorate and of the country as a whole, not to waste that money freely given on the imposition of laws, rules and regulations which the large majority of citizens do not want or need.

The Government needs to look at where their tax payer's money goes, remembering at all times that the Government does not have any money of its own; every single pound spent by the Government has come from the pocket of one of its citizens.

Examine the case of the so-called "Fake Charities", each one set up by a Government and  paid for by that Government in order to lobby that self-same Government in support of some idealogue's single-item agenda. Google the term "Fake Charities", read the results and see just how much tax-payer's money is given in supporting them. Now see how much the Public is willing to give to the same "Charities". Practically zero, for all intents and purposes.

The money given to these fake charities is within the gift of Ministers; to refuse to give this money requires no legislation nor Parliamentary debate. All it needs is for Ministers to say, "No, sorry. No hand-out this year, we've not got the money." Result? Millions saved with no effect whatsoever on the citizenry at large who did not support these "charities" in the first place (vide the amount of money that the public is willing to give to the "charity" ). Now see how much the citizenry are giving to a charity which they do support, Help For Heroes.

Telling, is it not?

Why is this idea important?

I recommend a way in which large sums of money can be saved without the necessity for legislation or even Parliamentary debate. My recommendation is that the Ministers responsible for budgets under their control simply refuse to give any further financial support to what have become widely known as "Fake Charities". Such financial support is within the gift of each Minister and can simply be refused on the grounds of financial strictures.

No organisation supported by the Government in order to lobby that self-same Government for legislation not supported by almost anyone else should be permitted to exist. It is anathema in the supposedly Democratic system of government under which we live.

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