When did you last hear that someone convicted of a crime and given a life sentence is told that means something like seven years? And that is when the sentence is handed down, not later!

When did you hear of a murderer getting a lesser sentence because… well because of anything? Does it really matter unless it was accidental? Life should mean life (if not capital punishment) and the prisoner having to earn his keep and not live in luxury. He should only have a piss pot and a toothbrush in a small space except when he is at work earning his rent, the cost of heating in the winter, a bit of Dickensian nosh and a basic bed to sleep on.

Of course, this is very draconian and you do not need to be that cruel, but why are sentences so short and soft? Why do we pay for them when prisoners should pay for themselves in prison and be made to dread so much a second term that being more law abiding is likely merely out of self-interest if not remorse?

Can we also please get rid of Brussels on human rights. What human right do they have over the Brits in the name of European trade?

Can we also put people before property and private property before business. Have a look and you will find it is anything but the case.

And last but most, when a person commits a crime he forsakes his human rights. If I attack him directly because of it he has no comeback on me unless my response is wildly disproportionate.

Why is this idea important?


The victims need to be put first.

Prison should be a real deterrent, not a holiday camp.

Society as a whole should not have to fund criminals and prison.

The sentence needs to fit the crime and be severe.

Show Brussels where to go.

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