Repeal it.  Simple as that.  Give british pubs a fighting chance.  People don't go to these places for their health.  That's why we're not capaigning for smoking in gyms. 

While you're at it get rid of the tax on tobacco and make us use the money saved to open a private healthcare plan so we'll be out of the NHS's hair. 

Not brain surgery is it?

Why is this idea important?

Pub culture is an essential part of british culture – they're closing by the dozen these days.  And they're not going to be saved by people who pop in for a glass of white wine with the kids for an hour every other Sunday afternoon -however vocal these fairweather drinkers are on this website. 

As a drinker, a smoker and the holder of a driving license – myself and people like me pump fortunes in revenue back into the country.  Many other countries have a much more civilised approach to smoking.  With weather as unhospitable as hours, it's time our policy was reviewed. 

I'm not so fussed about being outside in November – but older gents of my aquaintance, some who fought for this country do feel it.  It's a simple pleasure.  Lets get some perspective on this. 


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